Herbal Medicine & Supplements

As licensed acupuncturists, we are educated and licensed to prescribe herbal medicine as part of the therapy that we provide. Of course, the herbal medicine that is a part of Chinese / East Asian medicine has a rich and broad history – spanning back thousands of years. Because this system of medicine was all-encompassing, our herbal formulas can help address a broad range of issues, from fertility to hormonal disruption to internal medicine to pain management. 

A Critical Part of the Expertise That We Provide Is in Choosing High Quality Herbs and Supplements for Our Patients

Because of weak federal regulatory processes for herbs and supplements, purchasing any old supplement off of Amazon or at the grocery store can, in fact, be counterproductive to your health goals, depending on the fillers or quality of the product. Identifying quality products, from reputable sources, is one of our priorities. 

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Herbal Medicine Prescriptions

For patients that are seeking acupuncture care through Flourish, herbal medicine prescriptions are considered part of your standard care, when deemed relevant by your practitioner. 

If you’re interested in seeking herbal support without acupuncture, there are virtual options for care available. 

You can book your virtual initial appointment by clicking here, or you can schedule a free 15-minute consultation to talk to a provider about any questions that you may have about care at Flourish.