Stephanie Albert

Licensed Acupuncturist

Stephanie Albert, Acupuncturist Santa Rosa

Stephanie Albert holds a doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With a long-time interest in health and wellness, her journey into Chinese medicine began when she learned about the strong bond that acupuncturists forge with their patients. She is grateful for the opportunity to get to know her patients in depth, and to use that knowledge to help them make sustainable changes in their lives. 

With a particular interest in research and integrative medicine, she focuses on making evidence-based suggestions for her patients whenever possible. Stephanie is passionate about enabling patients to heal themselves with minimal intervention. While she is happy to tackle any issue that brings a patient into the clinic, she has worked most in-depth with fertility issues for all genders, stress and anxiety, insomnia, and pain. She has benefitted from practicing at the renowned Lotus Center in San Francisco, working closely with Dr. Jung Kim with a focus on Korean Saam acupuncture, and interning at the Haight-Ashbury clinic in San Francisco.

A San Francisco native, Stephanie currently lives in the wilds of Forestville. She loves edible gardening, hiking amongst trees, glow stick dance parties with her family, and rocking colorful cowboy boots whenever possible.

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