Stress Management & Mindfulness Tools

Fully Connected

Traditional Chinese / East Asian medicine makes little distinction between its approach to physical illness and mental / emotional / spiritual illness – you are one person, and your mind and your body are, quite literally, fully connected. 

Western medical research is just catching up to the strong interconnection and influence between the mind and the body, in its understanding of how stress affects so many illness processes, how gut bacteria influence brain function, how viral infections can cause psychiatric illness, etc.

Flourish Integrative Health - Branch Watercolor

Mindfulness Tools

Here at Flourish, we emphasize some level of stress management and mindfulness with just about every patient that walks through the door. Whether it’s prompting deep breath while you are on the table to allow your body to fully relax, encouraging you to use all five senses when eating your food to help support digestion, or qigong exercises that you can try at home to help align your energy, tying your emotional and spiritual energy into the healing process can strongly influence the outcome.

While it’s never useful to be told your illness is “all in your head” or “just because of stress”, reducing stress can be such a useful way to start making more space for your body to heal. 

Here are some examples of the tools that we use with our patients:

Most of our patients receive these tools as a standard part of their acupuncture care with us. If you’re interested in virtual care that focuses on stress management and mindfulness tools, and doesn’t include acupuncture, you can book a deep dive with Vladi Bender here.