Virtual Consults

We started offering fully virtual care during the COVID pandemic. Although we are now primarily focused on in-person care, there are still a few options for virtual care with Flourish:
  • Virtual Initial Intake appointments (75 minutes) $100  – We are recommending virtual intake appointments for our fertility appointments. These appointments give us more time to dig into the issues at hand, and to talk through your fertility journey thus far. You receive your wellness plan at the end of this intake. If you are a non-fertility patient that would prefer a virtual intake, or a fertility patient that would prefer an in-person initial intake + acupuncture treatment, email us [info@flourishintegrativehealth] with your request.
  • Follow-up virtual consults – For any established patient that would like more time to speak directly with your practitioner, you can book either 15 or 30 minutes to do so virtually:
  • Flourishing You appointment (75 minutes) $145 – Vladi Bender, Flourish owner and acupuncturist, has crafted a unique virtual appointment that focuses on stress management, spiritual wellbeing and emotional balance. If you are a woman who gives a lot to others, has been needing a shift or needs help to align and center, this session is for you. Vladi Bender has powerful tools that can help you achieve emotional freedom, shift big patterns, and achieve goals that you’ve only dreamed of achieving but never knew where to start. By using meditation, mindset tips, guided journaling, and purpose-driven work, you can let go of previous patterns, learn how to re-center and re-source and set yourself on a journey towards more personal fulfillment.This appointment is appropriate for patients new to Flourish, or for existing patients.