Dr. Jen Riegle

Naturopathic Doctor

Jen Riegle, Naturopathic Doctor Santa Rosa

Dr. Jen Riegle is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, with a degree from Bastyr University, a leading institution in natural medical care and research. She carries advanced certification and training in environmental medicine, women’s health, infertility, biofeedback, and traditional medicine practices.

Dr. Riegle is passionate about medicine and connecting with each of her patients. She combines her knowledge and skills as a diagnostician in the western and traditional medicine worlds, with a deep compassion and intuition, to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing for her patients.

Dr. Jen Riegle works with her patients, moving toward this balance using physical medicine, biofeedback and meditation, hydrotherapy, supplemental and herbal medicine, spiritual practices, and conventional approaches such as labs, medications, and various conventional tests.

When not with patients, you’ll likely find Jen spending time with her friends and family, dancing, playing outside, in ceremony, cooking, traveling, and spending time on retreat with her spiritual mentors. Dr. Riegle also is the co-founder and medical director for a non-profit, Integrative Healers Action Network, which functions to bring integrative medicine practitioners into communities impacted by disaster to volunteer.

To reach Dr. Jen Riegle directly, please visit her website.