Pregnancy & Postpartum

Supporting Pregnancy & Postpartum With Acupuncture, Nutrition & Holistic Medicine

Feel Your Best During Pregnancy and Beyond

Pregnancy can be such a joyful time. Maybe you’ve been waiting for years for this baby, or maybe it was a surprise. Whatever your journey to get to this point, pregnancy can be challenging both physically and emotionally. We all want to be our best and do our best for our babies – but that can be hard when you’re feeling exhausted, nauseated and in pain. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has so much to offer during this time as supportive care. We tailor our care to the needs of each individual patient, and provide relevant support at each step of your pregnancy. Our overall goals in pregnancy are to address issues that pop up early, resource you well, prepare for a healthy and ontime labor & delivery, and make sure you feel supported physically and emotionally along the way.
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Care in the First Trimester

While we don’t always get to see patients starting right after conception, it’s the early months that can set the foundation for the health of the pregnancy, as well as the health of your baby for years to come! At this point in pregnancy, we provide support for stabilizing the pregnancy, healthy placental development, nausea and morning sickness, and other symptoms of the early hormonal shift.

Most importantly, we’re an early resource! Our patients know that early pregnancy is  a crucial time, but often haven’t yet been seen by their OB, and aren’t yet sharing their pregnancy with their community. We provide nutritional recommendations, help point out any teas / foods / products / activities that should be avoided, and are a resource for you to lean on with your questions and concerns.

During these early weeks, acupuncture care is fairly gentle – but that doesn’t mean it’s less effective! Although we support every patient based on their own needs, during the first trimester, we recommend weekly care leading up to around week 6-10. If all is going well after that point, and you’re feeling good, then we recommend care every 2-3 weeks for the rest of the first trimester.

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Care in the Second Trimester

For many, the second trimester can be glorious! These are the months when you (hopefully) have a little more emotional and physical space to start taking great care of yourself.

Our care during this time focuses on supporting healthy digestion and nutrition (to ensure that your body is getting what it needs), strengthening your body and addressing aches and pains that might be popping up as your body is changing shape, addressing stress and anxiety, and starting to talk about the things you can be doing to prepare for birth and postpartum.

We generally see patients in the second trimester every 2-4 weeks, depending on your needs and how you’re feeling.

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Care in the Third Trimester

It’s getting real! Your body is changing quickly, and you know you’ll be meeting your baby soon. The third trimester can be such a physical and emotional rollercoaster. But we’re here to help.

During the third trimester, our biggest focus from a Chinese medicine perspective is building the energetic and nutritional reserves that will support you through whatever labor and the postpartum period throws your way. We continue to work on supporting your changing body – frequently working on things like swelling, pelvic pain and sciatica. In particular, we focus on preparing for an on-time and easy labor by encouraging head down position and cervical ripening.

We continue to provide care every 2-4 weeks during the first half of the third trimester. We recommend weekly treatments starting around 34 weeks, as we prepare more directly for birth.

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Specific Conditions We Support During Pregnancy:

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Postpartum (aka Fourth Trimester) Care

According to Chinese medicine, the four to six weeks after birth are considered the golden month. It’s a magical time to nest with your newborn, let your body and spirit rest and heal from birth, nourish yourself well, and start to create the rhythms and connections that will provide the foundation for your relationship with this newest family member. Ideally, it’s a time to stay at the house, doing as many snuggles with your little one as possible.

It can be such a special time, but it can also be a time fraught with challenges – from low milk production to mastitis, from colic to postpartum depression. And you have to deal with all of it with only a few hours of sleep.

We focus our treatment during this time on nourishing your body and processing the changes that have happened both physically and emotionally as you start your journey into parenthood. 

Our Goal Is to Get You Back to Feeling Like Yourself Again, so That You Can Be Present With Your Little One in These Early Days.

Specific Conditions We Support During Postpartum: