Internal Medicine

Acupuncture for Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine covers all medical complaints that are having to do with internal conditions.

This could be anything from digestive complaints, to sleep issues, hormonal issues, to fatigue, sleep disorders and emotional complaints such as anxiety and depression.

This also includes the Chinese Medicine adjunct support of certain cancers. Sometimes addressing complex conditions such as unexplained weight loss or fatigue requires working with other specialists in the area, as well as conducting different diagnostic labs and tests.

We support our patients by educating and empowering them to be able to find the support they need with us and with local professionals.

This is really an unique opportunity for the integrative support of East and West working together.

The Best of East

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Chinese Medicine is a complete ancient medical system that at some point encompassed even the fields of surgery. 

We thoroughly support the body with acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, mindfulness based practices and other self-care practices including hydration and exercise. By seeing the person and body as an ecosystem, we can start to explore what the imbalance is. From a TCM point of view, we can look at whether there is deficiency (not enough support), or excess and stagnation (too much energy/ toxicity build-up). 

Is the person’s lifestyle supportive to them healing, or do they have so much stress in their home/ work environment that this would not be supportive. By balancing these aspects, we allow the body to heal.

The Best of West

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Functional Medicine as performed by our Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Jen Riegle, addresses complex symptoms that sometimes conventional Western Medicine does not know how to address.

By looking at the interconnection of the body, we can start to see links between gut health and hormones, symptoms such as allergies and eczema, chronic inflammation and pain, headaches, mood disorders and PMS.

Using blood, stool and saliva testing, functional medicine often links what seems like disparate symptoms and begins to treat them as a unit.

Dr. Jen in particular, is our very own Sherlock Holmes, investigating and deeply looking at what may be overlooked by conventional medicine.