Jen Potthast

Licensed Acupuncturist

Jen Potthast Headshot

Jen Potthast holds a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley. She became fascinated with medicine at an early age. Then, after experiencing firsthand the difference a dedicated healthcare practitioner can make in someone’s life, she became determined to provide the same level of service and devoted her career to healing. Initially training as an EMT and loving the immediate and tangible ways that emergency medicine can support someone in need, she then discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine and knew immediately that this was her calling.

Throughout her almost twenty years in practice and many wonderful healing experiences with patients, Jen has had a wide range of training opportunities as a general practitioner, and has continued to advance her skills, with concentrations in fertility, pregnancy, postpartum support, pain relief, sleep and stress related troubles, and internal conditions. With a team oriented approach, what Jen cherishes most about her work is the opportunity to partner with people on their journey to improved wellness. While she deeply honors her role as an educator and provider, she works to always hold a safe and healing space for her patients’ feelings, concerns, needs, and goals.

Jen’s favorite things to do when not in the clinic are goofing around with her husband and son, listening to music of all kinds, hiking, surfing, reading, and eating delicious food, especially dark chocolate!