COVID Practices throughout Our Community

As we all know, COVID-19 is again on the rise in Sonoma County. We want to take this opportunity to reach out to our community and remind us how we can support each other to ensure that Flourish remains a clean and safe space.

Please be thoughtful about how your exposure outside of the clinic brings risk to our practitioners and other patients. 

Keeping our community safe is the responsibility of every person in our community. We work hard to minimize any risk of spread in the clinic. However, every person who enters the clinic can bring risk to others, so we want to reinforce what’s needed to keep everyone safe and healthy and find the best care options for you based on your exposure level (see below).  

If you are not strictly following social distancing guidelines (including being 6 feet apart from others, wearing masks as recommended, and not attending indoor functions) in your personal life, please move your care with Flourish to virtual instead of in-person. We feel confident in our ability to support you virtually and look forward to seeing you online as needed.

As a reminder… you may not feel vulnerable to this illness – however, we do have patients (and family members) that are pregnant, elderly, or otherwise immunocompromised and at heightened risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19. Any inadvertent transmission may be devastating or fatal to others.

Please consider if your care can be provided through virtual sessions or a hybrid of virtual & in-person care until the rate of infection has decreased

Our practitioners have become experienced at providing virtual care, and we’ve seen excellent results with fertility, pain management, stress relief, and a variety of other complaints! We have numerous modalities aside from acupuncture: Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system, and we can support and improve your health with or without needles. 

If you’re interested, you can ask your practitioner about putting together a schedule of hybrid care: for example, a fertility patient might opt for weekly virtual care, with monthly in-person visits prior to ovulation. Or, if you don’t yet have a Flourish provider, email us, and we would be happy to talk through options and find the best wellness plan for you at this time.

What does a virtual session look like?

Virtual care with your practitioner takes place on Zoom or a phone call to (1) do a check-in on your current health and your wellness goals and (2) provide guidance and tools that you can implement to address your issues from home, including acupressure/self-massage, herbs/ supplements, dietary changes, breathing/meditation techniques, and lifestyle modifications.

For most patients, virtual care is actually cheaper than in-person visits! Fees: $25/15 mins, $50/30 mins, $90/60 mins (note: the two shorter options will usually do the trick). You can book virtual care online using the Jane system or reach out to your provider to help you book.

We remain strongly committed to the cleaning and safety protocols that we have been implementing since reopening in June. We have also added the use of a UVC lamp after treatments to further sterilize the clinic for everyone’s safety. 

All the practitioners are thoughtful in both our personal and professional lives, practicing social distancing, wearing masks, disinfecting everything, checking our own temperatures, monitoring ourselves for symptoms, and getting regular COVID testing as appropriate.

It is our priority to ensure that our patients are safe when working with us and that we, the practitioners, are safe when we return home to our families at the end of our shifts. Thank you for your continued support and your commitment to preserving community safety so that we can continue to keep our doors open and provide care to those in need.

We are truly all in this together.