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Flourish in Fall with these simple tips

I wanted to take the opportunity and write about staying healthy as the seasons change. As the last few weeks of summer transition into fall, we experience an energetic shift.

According to Chinese Medicine, Summer is a time of maximum Yang expansion and fall begins the building of Yin. There is a condensing, a crystalizing, a heavier energy. This is also a time of focus, harvest and bringing together. In Chinese Medicine, the inner microcosm and outer macrocosm are intertwined, and as the inner and outer balance, there is health. When there is disharmony between the inner and outer (for example, you are pushing on a project when what is being called for is patience and waiting), there is dis-ease.

Here are some easy tips for matching the energy of the seasonal change:

CARRY LAYERS no matter how warm the days are. Especially keep the neck and low back covered, as these are sensitive to cold and wind.

BEGIN TO MAKE AND DRINK BONE BROTH DAILY. This rich, mineralizing drink will up your immunity, remineralize and rehydrate.

FIND YOUR FAVORITE IMMUNE TONIC AND CONSUME IT DAILY: Some of my favorites are Bone Broth, Elderberry, Reishi, Astragalus, Vit C and Zinc

PULL YOUR ENERGY INWARD: Begin to go to sleep earlier and sleep in if possible. In the great expanse of summer, we sometimes expend a lot of energy. Now is the chance to start consolidating our energy, just like the trees do, by letting go of their leaves.

LET GO: Autumn in Chinese Medicine has a lot to do with letting things fall, fall away, and surrender. As we pull our energy into focus, we let go of anything extraneous. This is a good time to do an internal or external cleanse. You can think about doing a nourishing cleanse of your body; a purge of your closet; a Facebook fast; or any other way of cleansing that feels good for you.